Revealing the cover of Peace, Love and Khaki Socks!

Welcome back to a fresh new year!

MidnightSun has plenty of exciting things planned for 2013, but none more exciting than the publication of our next novel Peace, Love and Khaki Socks in time for Mother’s Day in May. Set in Darwin during cyclone season, this heartfelt novel gets under the skin of the army culture to the heart of how life can turn out for a young woman finding herself pregnant and unsure of how to handle it. With quirky dialogue and acute observations, Peace, Love and Khaki Socks will be guaranteed to draw you in from the first page. Continue reading Revealing the cover of Peace, Love and Khaki Socks!

Celebrating 2012!

This first year has flown by for MidnightSun Publishing. We have made our fair share of mistakes, such as getting review copies out too late to important reviewers, and we have had lower visibility in the Eastern states than we would have liked. However, for the most part this year has been an absolute triumph. For our books, our writers and, most importantly, our readers. Both Zanesh and Anna have been overwhelmed by the positive reactions to their books. They have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the insightful reviews and discussing their work with Continue reading Celebrating 2012!

No signs of slowing down

Anna talking with students at the University of Adelaide
Anna talking with students at the University of Adelaide

The MidnightSun authors have been very busy over the last couple of months. Anna was invited to talk to students and staff at The University of Adelaide in September.

She decided to talk about her writing, her PhD experience and her publishing venture in equal measure.

A couple of weeks later, Anna was invited to talk to Arts and Education students at Lincoln College about careers opportunities. It was a great night which generated some interesting questions and discussion. Continue reading No signs of slowing down

End of Year Fun for All

Feast 2012
Intersex and Male Lactation – A Conversation

We can’t believe that November is here and Christmas is approaching. In Adelaide, Father Christmas has arrived with the Pageant and now there are only a few more opportunities to meet our writers before they take a well-earned rest.

Zanesh Catkin and Anna Solding will be talking about queer aspects of their work in a session titled ‘Intersex and Male Lactation – A Conversation’ at the Adelaide Feast Festival on Sunday 18 Nov 3.30-4.30pm at the ANZ Hub Precinct, The Garden Lounge at Light Square. Would be great to see you there! Continue reading End of Year Fun for All

Exciting news — another book is on its way!

So October has come around and MidnightSun Publishing has been really busy promoting and marketing as well as consolidating, reading manuscripts and making decisions about our next publication.

It is with great honour and excitement we can now announce that Kim Lock’s Peace, Love and Khaki Socks will be published in May 2013. It’s a foray into more commercial territory with a story about a young woman who falls pregnant unexpectedly. It has fun, quirky dialogue and the Darwin setting creates a dramatic backdrop when a cyclone draws close. A must-read for next year! Continue reading Exciting news — another book is on its way!

Keeping busy

Anna talking about Pippi LongstockingBoth Anna Solding and Zanesh Catkin have been very busy lately. First they were interviewed on Writers’ Radio with Cath Kenneally. You can listen to Zanesh here. Anna’s interview is available here.

Then Anna was invited to talk to students at Marryatville Primary School during Book Week. This year, the theme was ‘Champions Read’ and Anna chose to read extracts from, and talk to the children about, Pippi Longstocking. Both sessions were inspiring and uplifting, with little Reception children showing Anna books they had created all by themselves. It was an honour to be asked and Anna enjoyed it immensely. Continue reading Keeping busy

Zanesh invades Radio Adelaide

Zanesh Catkin was interviewed on Radio Adelaide’s Breakfast radio with Tim Brunero on Thursday 23 August 2012. Check out what the writer had to say about learning to type on his own typewriter as a young boy, about Pangamonium as an adventure novel and also hear Sue Reece read excerpts from the novel. Keep up the good work Zanesh! Next he’ll be talking to Cath Kenneally on Arts Breakfast at 10am on Saturday 25 August 2012.

Queensland Literary Awards

MidnightSun Publishing has decided to help the Queensland Literary Awards in their Pozible campaign to raise funds desperately needed after Queensland Premier Campbell Newman decided, as one of his first actions in office, to scrap the funding for the awards. Fortunately, the target has been reached so the awards will go ahead this year, but without prize money for the winners. Thanks to all the amazing volunteers for making this happen.


Fantastic reviews make us beam with pride

Anna Solding’s novel The Hum of Concrete keeps getting wonderful reviews. On a cold and wintry Adelaide Monday like today, we can only say how proud we are of Anna and her book. Two glowing reviews in one day. The week couldn’t have started any better:

Successful Meet the Author session at Mostly Books

Much to our surprise on a rainy and miserable Adelaide night, the turn out was great at Anna Solding’s first ever Meet the Author session on Wednesday 20 June 2012. Members of an entire book club, who had all read the book with interest, came along to ask questions about it. Anna talked about the inspiration for the book and the long journey from idea to publication. Will there ever be a sequel? she was asked. The answer was: maybe… Anna has always been interested in writing more about the men who feature in The Hum of Concrete to show life from their point of view. You never know. Continue reading Successful Meet the Author session at Mostly Books

Sneak Peek of Pangamonium


Arrested Without Cause

Some travel to find themselves—I was travelling to get lost. Panga seemed a perfect place to start. Ever since the monarchy of the tiny kingdom had been overwhelmed by a military regime, the ban on international telecommunications and the web meant that anyone was hard to pin down. Here I couldn’t be phoned, emailed, texted or poked on Facebook. You couldn’t even Google me. In short, it was a good place to be unaccountable, which suited me fine. Continue reading Sneak Peek of Pangamonium

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