Submission Guidelines

MidnightSun Publishing is openclosed for submissions. Please read the updated guidelines below before submitting!


MidnightSun Books
MidnightSun Books

Due to the overwhelming number of submissions, MidnightSun has regretfully decided to close our submissions for a few months until we have had time to look at the hundreds of submissions that are currently waiting to be read. It isn’t fair for you to have to wait so long for a reply and this is the best way for our small team to deal with the situation. We will open again as soon as we have been able to reduce the number of submissions waiting. Please keep an eye on the website and social media for the next opening date. Thank you for understanding!

When we are open again, here is how to submit:

Please send a digital copy of your manuscript to Please include a subject line stating your name, the title of your manuscript, and its genre (eg: Jane Doe, ‘High Tea’, Picture Book). Please attach your manuscript as a Word document titled, ‘Name: Manuscript Title’ (eg. Jane Doe: High Tea).

Send the first 20 pages only! If we are compelled to read more, we’ll ask for the rest. We want digital manuscripts with 1.5 or double line spacing. Choose Times New Roman or another easy-to-read font.

Please also include a synopsis of your manuscript (if it’s a longer work. This is not needed for picture books) where you tell us about the main movements in the story, its themes and how it ends. We want to know this. You should not make it a mystery or an enticing blurb. You can attach it as a separate document or make it the first page of your submission.

Please proof-read thoroughly and always let someone else read it too before sending us your manuscript. Typos really put us off and we don’t want to turn away an otherwise fantastic project because we have spotted a simple mistake in the first paragraph.

Include a cover letter in the body of the email with your name, the title of your manuscript, your contact details (including email address and phone number) and the word count of your project. If you have previous publications or other relevant experience, please feel free to include it in the letter and also write a paragraph about yourself and your interests if you wish. We would also like to know how you would classify the genre and where it fits in the market. For example, are there any other authors or books you would compare your manuscript to?

Please send only one manuscript at a time! Look at our list carefully and choose only the manuscript that you think would intrigue us the most.

If you follow these guidelines, your manuscript submission will be read by one of our editors.  If you have already sent your manuscript according to our previous guidelines, please don’t panic, we will still read your manuscript and respond in due course.

If we love what we read, we will be in touch by email to request a hard copy of the full manuscript to be sent to our office. Please be aware it may take 3-6 months for us to get back to you about your submission. Unfortunately, due to our large workload, we cannot provide individual feedback on submissions.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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