MidnightSun Publishing is currently not taking on interns, so please don’t ask us. You will not get a reply. When we open up for interns, we will let you know. It’s most likely that we’ll ask for experience in media and marketing, rather than in editing and publishing, but we’ll prepare a checklist when we are ready for some help from you.

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  1. Hello There,
    My name is Tom Smith and i am currently undertaking studies at UniSa in Magill in a Creative writing and Communication course. I am majoring in editing and publishing but am also undertaking my own personal projects with a novel and a play in verse as publication of my own works is my main goal. I understand that you are not accepting any interns and when you do they will most probably be from media and marketing areas however i am branching out hoping to achieve some level of feedback.
    Tom Smith

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your inquiry. I know how difficult it can be to break into the industry but if you want to be a writer, just keep writing. Send your work off to try to get it published, build up your CV, get experience, network, attend readings and writers’ festivals and soon you’ll find that doors begin to open. Unfortunately, we still have no need for an intern at MidnightSun but I’m happy to put your details on file for the future if you like. Best of luck!

  2. I am a student with an undergraduate degree in Writing and Creative Communication and an Honours degree in Children’s Literature. I would love to get into the publishing industry and any expereince would be amazing.

    1. Hi,
      As we’ve mentioned on our website, we currently have no need for interns but if you send me your CV I would be happy to put your details on file for when we actually need help further down the track.
      Best regards,

  3. This is the only way I found to contact you directly.
    Please provide me with an e-address for the submission of my book, thanks. The submission page doesn’t seem to work (for me anyway).
    Thanks again
    Kind Regards

  4. Greeting,

    We are a small Publishing House in Norway, producing subject matter children’s books. And wondering if you find us interesting it is our honor to collaborate with you.

    1. Dear Rose,
      Please let us know a bit more about your publishing house. Are you going to Bologna this year? We could meet there.
      Best regards, Anna

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