Ling Li’s Lantern

Ling Li's Lantern cover
Ling Li’s Lantern cover
Written by Steve Heron, illustrated by Benjamin Johnston

HB 32 | 210 x 297 | ISBN: 9781925227673 | $29.99
Picture book | September 2020
MidnightSun Publishing
Distributed by NewSouth Books

After she is set a challenge to test her wisdom, Ling Li returns from the village marketplace with only a lantern to light her way. How will she prove herself to her father?

Ling Li’s Lantern is a heart-warming story about compassion, kindness and the true nature of wisdom.

Ling Li's Lantern 2
Ling Li’s Lantern 2
Ling Li's Lantern 3
Ling Li’s Lantern 3

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