Celebrating 2012!

This first year has flown by for MidnightSun Publishing. We have made our fair share of mistakes, such as getting review copies out too late to important reviewers, and we have had lower visibility in the Eastern states than we would have liked. However, for the most part this year has been an absolute triumph. For our books, our writers and, most importantly, our readers. Both Zanesh and Anna have been overwhelmed by the positive reactions to their books. They have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the insightful reviews and discussing their work with readers, at functions and in book shops. To end the year on a high, both books were mentioned in InDaily’s list of good reads for the year, as suggested by their reviewers. A couple of days later The Hum of Concrete also appeared in The Advertiser’s Best in Print for 2012 as a Standout Debut. And just when we thought that it couldn’t get much better than that, The Hum of Concrete is placed in the window display at Dymocks in Rundle Mall. The team at MidnightSun couldn’t be happier with how the year has turned out and we are looking forward to new challenges in 2013, the first of which will be to launch Kim Lock’s Peace, Love and Khaki Socks into the world in time for Mother’s Day. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you back here in January 2013.

Here are some of the MidnightSun highlights of 2012:

February: Simon Hackett, founder of Internode, launches the company to great fanfare.

March: Sean Williams launches our first novel, Anna Solding’s acclaimed novel The Hum of Concrete at Adelaide Writers’ Week.

April: Anna has a successful book signing at Dillon’s Bookshop on The Parade and a Meet-the-Author session at Mostly Books.

May: Anna is interviewed on Radio Adelaide.

July: Patrick Allington launches Pangamonium by Zanesh Catkin.

August: Zanesh is interviewed on Radio Adelaide and invited to speak to students at the University of Adelaide. Anna is invited to sit on a panel about the future of publishing as well as conduct a workshop at the Salisbury Writers’ Festival.

September: Both Pangamonium and The Hum of Concrete are launched at Melbourne Writers’ Festival.

October: Anna is invited to speak to university students at Flinders University.

November: Zanesh and Anna speak about queer themes in their books at the Feast Festival.

December: Both books are mentioned in Best of the Year sections for books in InDaily and The Hum of Concrete is also mentioned in The Advertiser. Feels like a perfect end to the year!

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