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Sneak Peek of Peace, Love and Khaki Socks

Chapter 1

Honestly, I couldn’t have given a shit if she was wearing undies or not. All I really cared about was trying not to throw up on her sandals. But rather than say so, I smiled and offered a feeble halflaugh.

I had only met Tamika twice before, but she was the fifth person to advise me that evening that the Regimental Sergeant Major’s new girlfriend wasn’t wearing any underpants.

I swallowed, and implored myself not to vomit. That would draw far too much attention. Turning away from the woman in question, and her supposed lack of undergarment, I asked: ‘Can you see your Continue reading Sneak Peek of Peace, Love and Khaki Socks

Sneak Peek of Pangamonium


Arrested Without Cause

Some travel to find themselves—I was travelling to get lost. Panga seemed a perfect place to start. Ever since the monarchy of the tiny kingdom had been overwhelmed by a military regime, the ban on international telecommunications and the web meant that anyone was hard to pin down. Here I couldn’t be phoned, emailed, texted or poked on Facebook. You couldn’t even Google me. In short, it was a good place to be unaccountable, which suited me fine. Continue reading Sneak Peek of Pangamonium

Sneak Peek of The Hum of Concrete

Feeling Malmö

As you pull the blinds up and see the layer of powder covering the spidery limbs of the young beech outside your second storey bedroom window you know it will be a Sunday like no other. A quick glance at the thermometer confirms winter’s sudden appearance and there is no time to lose. You know the city’s winter is a fickle friend who would never think twice about leaving you wet and wondering in a pile of grey slush. You have to savour this day of crisp white and endless blue.

Breakfast is a quick affair. Convincing your friend to come along tobogganing doesn’t take long. Finding stray gloves and beanies Continue reading Sneak Peek of The Hum of Concrete