Strangely Enough

Strangely Enough cover
Strangely Enough cover
edited by Gillian Hagenus

PB 240 | 198 x 129
ISBN: 9781922858313 | $24.99
Short Fiction | Also available as ebook
MidnightSun Publishing | November 2023
Distributed by NewSouth Books

Neglected by society, a group of caravanning 60-somethings encounter a place where time stops. A baby swims in a witch’s cauldron. A statue of Jesus grows fat off fish and chips. An ancient Egyptian God swims through the sewers under a suburban street and a desperate family harvests the fingers they find growing in their soil after their final food supplies wither.

Strangely Enough is a celebration of the far-reaching possibilities of short fiction from some of Australia’s most creatively ambitious minds. Surreal and haunting, funny and gripping, these intensely strange tales encompass what it means to grieve, love, wonder, fear and change, each ultimately offering something entirely unexpected and strangely, deeply human.

Aust Govt RISE Fund
Aust Govt RISE Fund
Publication made possible by the Australian Government through the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand Fund.

Strangely Enough is an unsettling yet moreish anthology. I look forward to the next time I encounter the work of these talented writers – I look forward to the bewilderment, terror, and delight.’
– Elizabeth Tan, author of Rubik and Smart Ovens for Lonely People

Strangely Enough is a treasure box of the gloriously weird. A must read for anyone who delights in the strange, the dark and the twisted.’
– Wayne Marshall, author of Shirl

Leo Alder, Shaeden Berry, Liz Betts, Mikaela Castledine, Az Cosgrove, Dorothy-Jane Daniels, Jake Dean, Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario, Xandra Fowler, Deborah Frenkel, Victoria Griffin, Rowan Heath, Keren Heenan, Matthew Hooton, Katy Knighton, Marian Matta, Sam Mayne, Helena Pantsis, Raeden Richardson, Amber K Tilley, R T Wenzel.

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