Something About Alaska

Something About Alaska cover
Something About Alaska cover
by J. A. Cooper

PB 224 | 198 x 128 | $19.99
ISBN: 9780987380975 | September 2022
Young Adult | Also available as ebook
MidnightSun Publishing
Distributed by NewSouth Books

‘It’s a wicked cold, the Alaska winter, and can kill a man in a second…’

Nearing 15, Zac Greene travels to Alaska to re-connect with the father he’s only ever known from a distance. But Zac’s dad is a lone wolf – a wounded soul who’d rather drown his regrets in a bottle of bourbon than confront the mistakes of his past. As Zac struggles to earn his father’s approval, things spiral out of control forcing Zac to take his chances with the Alaskan winter. Whatever hope remains for father and son quickly fades, as Zac is forced to hitchhike to escape the hostile weather and soon finds himself sharing a remote cabin with a total stranger… and his gun.

‘They say you don’t know your enemies from your friends until the ice breaks beneath your feet…’

‘A beautifully crafted coming-of-age story, set in the unforgiving Alaskan winter, that sensitively explores the power of forgiveness.’ Cameron Nunn, author of Echo in the Memory

Something About Alaska is like the Northern Lights: huge and wild, unpredictable and joyful, evocative and beautiful. A startling debut by J.A. Cooper.’ Rosanne Hawke

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