Tank Water

Tank Water cover
Tank Water cover
by Michael Burge

PB 300 | 234 x 153 | ISBN: 9781925227888 | $29.99
Novel | Also available as ebook
MidnightSun Publishing | October 2021
Distributed by NewSouth Books

James Brandt didn’t look back when he got away from his rural hometown as a teenager. Now, he’s returned to Kippen for the first time in twenty years because his cousin Tony has been found dead under the local bridge.

The news that Tony has left him the entire family farm triggers James’s journalistic curiosity — and his anxiety — both of which cropped up during his turbulent journey to adulthood. But it is the unexpected homophobic attack he survives that draws James into a hunt for the reasons one lonely Kippen farm boy in every generation kills himself.

Standing in the way is James’s father, the town’s recently retired top cop, who is not prepared to investigate crimes no one reckons have taken place. James must use every newshound’s trick he ever learned in order to uncover the brutal truth.

A coming-of-age story and crime thriller with a large and gentle heart.

‘an unforgettable ride’
– Nigel Featherstone, author of Bodies of Men

‘gripping to the last page’
– Mary Moody, author and broadcaster

– Margo Kingston, author and journalist

‘raw and powerful’
Nicole Alexander, bestselling author of The Cedar Tree

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