Proudly presents… Amanda Hickie!

Amanda Hickie
Amanda Hickie
Every now and then, out of the massive MidnightSun pile of unsolicited manuscripts, appears a story that really grabs us by the throat and shakes us around. Because we actually read every single one of those manuscripts, we come across a mixed bunch of stories, from children’s picture books to self-help manuals. But mainly the pile consists of fiction for an adult audience, just the way we like it. Lately, we have been fortunate enough to find one such throat-grabbing gem in our pile and we thought it was time to introduce this writer to you.

The MidnightSun Publishing team is very proud to announce that in May 2015 we will be publishing Amanda Hickie’s novel about an epidemic in contemporary Sydney. Nail biting stuff, people. It’s an as yet unnamed, unusual book, balancing on the verge between literary and speculative fiction. We simply can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, introducing Amanda Hickie:

Amanda Hickie has always been interested in science, literature and ethical questions -annoying her scripture teacher at the age of ten by asking if it was immoral to lie to a murderer. Despite a passion for writing, she studied Computer Science (but quickly recovered).

A change of lifestyle saw her move with her family to Canada. She found herself living down the road from the SARS outbreak, which provided the seed for her forthcoming novel, to be published by MidnightSun in May 2015.

Amanda lives a pleasant stroll from Coogee Beach in Sydney with her two computer oriented sons and husband and two non-computer oriented cats.

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