End of Year Fun for All

Feast 2012
Intersex and Male Lactation – A Conversation

We can’t believe that November is here and Christmas is approaching. In Adelaide, Father Christmas has arrived with the Pageant and now there are only a few more opportunities to meet our writers before they take a well-earned rest.

Zanesh Catkin and Anna Solding will be talking about queer aspects of their work in a session titled ‘Intersex and Male Lactation – A Conversation’ at the Adelaide Feast Festival on Sunday 18 Nov 3.30-4.30pm at the ANZ Hub Precinct, The Garden Lounge at Light Square. Would be great to see you there!

Here is a great little YouTube video: Pangamonium author in near-nude TV exclusive. Go on, you know you want to see it… It will make you smile.

Zanesh has also edited his launch speech so those who couldn’t be there on the night, can still get an idea of the fun that was had. Check it out here.

Over the past month we have been busy booking Zanesh, Anna and Kim into talks at libraries next year, so keep an eye out for further details, especially in regional South Australia.

Last week, we attended the inaugural Independent Publishers Conference in Melbourne, which was a brilliant day organised by the Small Press Network (formerly known as SPUNC). We learned plenty about distribution, the importance of booksellers and also made some new contacts. Already looking forward to next year. Thanks SPN for that!



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