Getting closer…

November has been a very busy month, when we have been working hard to get this website looking as fabulous as it does now. The cover of MidnightSun Publishing’s first novel, The Hum of Concrete by new writer Anna Solding, is also being designed right now. Soon you will be able to see it here. We are working with a wonderful designer called Jenny Grigg who has previously designed covers for books by Peter Carey, Paul Auster and Ernest Hemingway. Continue reading Getting closer…

Sneak Peek of The Hum of Concrete

Feeling Malmö

As you pull the blinds up and see the layer of powder covering the spidery limbs of the young beech outside your second storey bedroom window you know it will be a Sunday like no other. A quick glance at the thermometer confirms winter’s sudden appearance and there is no time to lose. You know the city’s winter is a fickle friend who would never think twice about leaving you wet and wondering in a pile of grey slush. You have to savour this day of crisp white and endless blue.

Breakfast is a quick affair. Convincing your friend to come along tobogganing doesn’t take long. Finding stray gloves and beanies Continue reading Sneak Peek of The Hum of Concrete

Dear reader,

The month is October. Spring is approaching and so is the launch of MidnightSun Publishing’s website. We have been working hard to make it inviting and user friendly. Please give us feedback. We love to hear about how great it looks but we are also open to suggestions for improvements.

The year is 2011 and we are only a few short months away from the launch of our first book, The Hum of Concrete, at The Adelaide Writers’ Week in March 2012. We hope to attract a huge crowd of supporters, so please join us for flowing wine and delectable nibbles.

Thank you for visiting our website. You can also become a friend of MidnightSun Publishing on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on forthcoming releases, reviews and events.

The Hum of Concrete

The Hum of Concrete by Anna Solding
The Hum of Concrete by Anna Solding
by Anna Solding

The Hum of Concrete is an evocative novel about a city and its people. Set in the multicultural city of Malmö, Sweden, The Hum of Concrete is the story of five people whose lives intersect.

Consumed with despair, Palestinian Nassrin walks into the ocean with her baby in her arms. Susanna dares to take a stand against gay-bashers. By starlight, Bodil sees the city from the roof of a church. Estella meets her tough little half-brother for the first time. Lonely Rhyme seeks Continue reading The Hum of Concrete

Welcome to MidnightSun Publishing

MidnightSun Publishing is a new and exciting publishing company based in Adelaide, Australia. We believe that books matter. We believe that books are still important in this digital world and we aim to bring books to you in whatever format you prefer.

Good books change lives; they carry readers away to another world and another time; they make us laugh and cry and think about things that have never occurred to us before. Good books challenge and transform, they validate our own experiences and bring back long lost memories. Reading is an escape from reality but reading a good book also helps you to deeply immerse yourself in the lives of others.

MidnightSun publishes good books.

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