Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces cover
Missing Pieces cover
by Jennifer Mackenzie Dunbar

PB 304 | 234 x 153 | ISBN: 9781922858092 | $32.99
Novel | Also available as ebook
MidnightSun Publishing | June 2023
Distributed by NewSouth Books

Inspired by the 1831 discovery of a hoard of priceless chess pieces on a remote Scottish Island, Missing Pieces tells the story of four women who created and protected the now famous artefacts.

When Marianne is coerced into leaving the security of her comfortable London life to curate an exhibition on the Isle of Lewis, she uncovers her own ancestral connection to the mysterious island. Her eerie connections to the past introduce us to Magrit, the Icelandic artisan, beholden to a power-hungry Bishop, Morven, the rescuer, who seeks intimacy with a mysterious stranger and Mhairi, the negotiator, fighting a greedy landlord to stave off starvation and eviction.

Missing Pieces is a story about women’s determination, passion and cunning and the power of love to right the wrongs of the past.

‘Spanning centuries and cultures, this gripping and evocative mystery deftly slips between present and past invoking a vivid sense of place around strong characters.’ Sophie Masson, award-winning author of The Hunt for Ned Kelly

A wonderful historical fiction, beautifully written, expertly weaving the history of these fascinating artefacts across time.’ Stacey Howard, Mockingbird Lounge, bookshop owner-manager

‘A truly authentic depiction of the Scottish islanders, capturing their strength, tenacity, and their enduring cultural and spiritual connection to the landscape.’ Margaret Sinclair, former resident of Vatersay and Barra.

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