Message in a Sock

Message in a Sock
Message in a Sock cover
Written by Kaye Baillie,
Illustrated by Narelda Joy

HB 32 | 271 x 294 | ISBN: 9781925227383
$27.99 | Picture book
MidnightSun Publishing | April 2018
Distributed by NewSouth Books

Tammy is safe at home, but her heart is with her father at the warfront. While her mother knits socks for the soldiers, Tammy slips a message inside each pair. But will her one special message find her father, and bring him safely home?

Based on a true exchange between Lance Corporal A. McDougall and a young girl, Message in a Sock is a gorgeous collage-style tale which pays respect to the soldiers and their families, a century after the end of World War I.

• Celebrating female heroes in history
• Unusual and striking collage illustrations
• Honouring the centenary of the end of World War I
• Launched on ANZAC day
• A must in every school library

• WINNER Northern Lights Book Awards 2019
• SHORTLISTED West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award 2019
• SHORTLISTED NSW Premier’s History Awards 2019

Download Message in a Sock Teachers’ Notes for free.

Postage is $10 for Australia and $20 for the rest of the world.

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