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by Sophie Masson

PB 448 | 198 x 128 | ISBN: 9781925227772 | $19.99
YA Fiction | Also available as ebook
MidnightSun Publishing | February 2021
Distributed by NewSouth Books

Imagine a world where all seems normal and yet nothing is — a world very much like our own, yet jarringly unlike. A world where two clandestine organisations, the Ghost Squad and the Base, are engaged in a secret battle for control of information so dangerous it could literally change life as humans have always known it…

A bold, exciting novel with thrilling twists and turns, The Ghost Squad is a novel that will keep readers guessing – and keep them awake at night!

‘Get set for a heart-stopping chase, a stunning near future world, and a desperate struggle to discover the truth about life, death and what comes next.’ — Alison Goodman, author of the bestselling Dark Days series

‘An action thriller that grapples with the biggest mystery of all: life after death.’ — Michael Pryor, author of The Laws of Magic

Postage is $5 for Australia and $10 for the rest of the world.

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