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by Cameron Raynes

PB 256 | 198 x 129 | ISBN: 9781925227079
$24.99 | Fiction | Also available as an ebook

MidnightSun Publishing | March 2016
Distributed by NewSouth Books

Jayden lives with his father on the edge of a small country town. He stutters and is addicted to video games.

His best friend Shannon knows how to handle a rifle. When her mum is released from prison, the town waits to see whether her sociopathic stepson Pete will exact revenge for the manslaughter of his father.

Caught with ammunition at school and suspended, Jayden’s world disintegrates. As a drug war erupts, Pete gears up for his violent assault.

Will it be left to Jayden to stop him?

‘A mind-blowing and evocative take on growing up fast, family disintegration and small-town deceits ... a unique and compelling new voice in contemporary Australian writing.’
Kirsten Krauth author of just_a_girl

‘Menacing, brilliant, haunting.’
Sally Breen, author of Atomic City and The Casuals

‘a slice of Australian Gothic’

Cameron Raynes is a prize-winning author who has chosen in First Person Shooter to explore the deeply personal experience of adolescent stuttering. Having survived bruising encounters with three psychopaths by the age of 30, Raynes turned away from welfare work and anthropology to find his voice as a writer. He teaches history at the University of South Australia and is the author of The Last Protector and the short story collection The Colour of Kerosene.

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