Plane Tree Drive

by Lynette Washington

PB 256 | 198 x 128 | ISBN: 9781925227345
$26.99 | Fiction | Also available as ebook
MidnightSun Publishing | November 2017
Distributed by NewSouth Books

Peer through the windows and doors on Plane Tree Drive to find a streetscape that is humorous, heartbreaking, real and surreal. Here, the loneliness of domestic isolation and the joy of connection weave together to form an interlaced map of suburban life. Continue reading Plane Tree Drive

An Ordinary Epidemic

How far will a desperate mother go to keep her loved ones safe?

by Amanda Hickie

PB 384 | 198 x 129 | ISBN 978-1-925227-03-1 | $28.99
Fiction | MidnightSun Publishing | May 2015
Distributed by NewSouth Books

Hannah is stuck in the middle of a deadly outbreak. As Sydney goes into lockdown, she attempts to quarantine her home and protect her family from the alarming infection around them. How far will a desperate mother go Continue reading An Ordinary Epidemic


by Zanesh Catkin

Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself

Francis is a journalist looking for a big story in the tiny kingdom of Panga. He finds himself attempting to liberate a bunch of child slaves making sex toys for the West. Toss in an African pilgrim named Easter on a quest to find his grandfather’s grave filled with pirate gold, a military regime oppressing the citizens of Panga, and a Continue reading Pangamonium