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by S.J. Morgan

PB 320 | 153 x 234 | ISBN: 9781925227581
$32.99 | Fiction | Also available as ebook
MidnightSun Publishing | November 2019
Distributed by NewSouth Books

It’s 1983 in Thatcher's Britain. Alec Johnston has left his comfortable family home in Cardiff and taken a flat with bikers Minto, Stobes and Black. There he meets Sindy, Minto's strange and vulnerable young girlfriend. When she starts to view Alec as a possible saviour from her abusive relationship, it earns Alec a big target on his back.

Hide takes us on a dark, unsettling journey: one that begins in a small town in Wales and continues through the vast Australian outback. As the threats get closer, Alec fears this is one journey from which he may never return.

'a gripping, edge-of-your seat read' --Books+Publishing

'The tension is wound so tightly into the plot that the reader is gripped by a relentless unease right from the start' -- Books+Publishing</blockquote>

Praise for Heaven Sent:

'Morgan is an author with a considerable amount of
potential and her next work will be something to keep
an eye on.' – Tulpa Magazine, Riana Kinlough

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