Peace, Love and Khaki Socks

Peace, Love and Khaki Socks

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by Kim Lock

One sultry October morning in Darwin, hemp-wearing army wife Amy Silva grips a trembling fist around two pink lines on a plastic stick. Struggling to come to terms with her rampant fertility, disillusioned with a haughty obstetrician, and infuriated by an inordinate amount of peeing, Amy finds solace in a decision to homebirth. After all, it worked for the cavewomen, right? But as a tropical cyclone threatens to whip down the main street, Amy finds herself facing more than biology.

An intimate tale of searching for peace, this is one woman’s struggle to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Note: Shipping for Peace, Love and Khaki Socks (paperpack) is $5 for Australia and $10 for other countries.

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